Magic Canvas by Cub & Fox

Creative play, without the mess

No paint . Just water

The Magic Canvas allows kids to paint & create using only water & their imagination

Quick to set up - Easy to pack up

No mess to clean - No dirty clothes to wash

Fades as it dries - Endlessly resuable

Allow them the freedom to create more often. Unleash their imagination. Nurture their creativity.
And do it all without mess.

So many ways to paint

Let their imagination run wild thinking of new ways to create.

Brushes, hands, feet, sponges...

Flick, squirt, spray, stamp, roll...

Age Range

Suitable for a large age range. The perfect toy for collaborative play amongst siblings or friends.

6-12 months: Sensory, creative play

1-3 years: Fine motor skills + creative expression

4-6+ years: Practicing letters, numbers & drawing

Made with care

Designed and crafted with beautiful, natural materials. Made to last and to compliment the environment.

The Magic Canvas delivers a beautiful and satsifying painting experience that looks just like real paint. Except it's not.

Loved by thousands of kids (& their parents)

Small, local & proud

We are Cub & Fox

Mayra (creator & stay at home mum)
Kieran (designer & full-time dad)
Marcelo, Aluna & Alma (our inspiration & product testers)

A young, multi-cultural family based in Torquay, Vic.

We believe in the power and importance of creative play for our cubs, and we're sure you do too. But as busy parents... we get it. Between cooking, tidying, washing, working, cleaning, parenting (and sleeping somewhere in the middle) it's not always easy.

So we've embarked on a journey to design beautiful products - that allow our cubs to create more often - to help us fuel their imagination & to keep their flame burning brightly.

We are very excited to share this first creations with you. May they serve your family as they have served ours.